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DIBS RAID - Fast, accurate, versatile, rugged and compact hard disk copying equipment
DIBS® RAID - Fast, accurate, versatile, rugged and compact hard disk copying equipment

DIBS® RAID - Rapid Action Imaging Device

     1. Product Description
     2. Recommended Areas of Use
     3. Forensic Soundness
     4. Features
     5. Items Included
     6. Using DIBS® RAID
     7. Specifications
     8. Price and Ordering

1. Product Description

DIBS® RAID is a tough yet lightweight unit designed to enable the fast copying of a suspect computer hard disk onto another clean hard disk. The copy can then be examined for the presence of evidential material without risk of damaging the original. The average copying speed can be as fast as 2.4GB per minute and, depending on the specifications of the hard drives, up to 4GB per minute.

Two complete copying units are included together with a selecton of hard disks to which copies can be made.

The unit is ideal for making fast copies for initial analysis and assessment of evidence. A copied disk can then be examined with the same unit attached to a forensic workstation in write protect mode. If evidence is found then a second copy of the disk can be made and preserved, and/or the evidence transfered to another media such as CD ROM. This gives the maximum level of evidential integrity and security.

DIBS® RAID is designed to be portable and is supplied in a tough, waterproof polypropylene case. It can be used in both the laboratory and on-site.

2. Recommended Areas of Use

DIBS® RAID is designed to be used wherever a fast copy of a hard disk is required. For example, when conducting a covert raid on-site when time is limitod when needing to conduct an initial analysis of drive contents.

3. Forensic Soundness

Computer forensics is concerned with the recovery of information from computers in such a way that it can be used as evidence in a court of law. It is primarily concerned with rules of evidence, legal processes and forensic procedures Computers are the subject matter and are of secondary concern. Furthermore, in forensic science it is always necessary to ensure that accuracy is maintained, whilst speed is of lesser importance Therefore, work is completed 'efficiently', that is as fast as possible without sacrificing accuracy.

4. Features
  • High speed copying at an average speed of 2.4GB per minute
  • Specifically designed for forensic use
  • All areas of the suspect drive are copied; absolutely no alterations are made
  • Can copy any capacity IDE/SATA drive, regardless of operating system
  • Drives to which copies are made can be wiped prior to use
  • Copying is in one direction only to help prevent accidental deletion of suspect data
  • Includes built in integrity checking
  • Lightweight, compact and highly portable
  • Simple and intuitive to operate
  • Supplied complete with everything required
5. Items Included
  • Two (2) tough lightweight copying units - two disks can be copied at the same time
  • Six (6) hard ives of various sizes to which copies can be made.
  • Flashlight and multi-use screwdriver
  • Power supplies
  • Hard drive connecting cables
  • Operating manual
  • Polypropylene carrying case with closed cell foam insert
6. Using DIBS®RAID
DIBS® RAID is simple to use.
  1. Set the mode swith on the copying unit to Mode 3 - copy mode.
  2. Connect a new or wiped hard disk to one side of the copying unit. If the hard disk has not been previously wiped it can be done using the copying unit
  3. Connect the suspect drive to the other side of the copying unit. An arrow shows in which direction the copying will take place.
  4. Connect the power supply to the unit
  5. Press the blue key once to turn the unit on and wait whilst it powers up both drives.
  6. Press the blue key again and copying starts.
  7. When copying is complete the unit will beep and then switch itself off.
  8. Disconnect both the power supply and hard disk cables and copying is complete
  9. To immediately examine the copy set the mode switch to Mode 8 - write protect mode - and attach the copying unit to a fornsic workstaion using the USB 2 cable supplied. The hard disk can now be examined in compete safelty.
7. Copying Unit Specifications
  • Interface : USB Rev 2.0/FireWire (S400)
  • USB Connection : Type B
  • FireWire : 4pin x2
  • Weight : 4 oz
  • Dimensions : 4.25W x 3.5L x .5H in
  • Optimal Operating Temperature/Humidity : Temperature 41-95ºF
  • Humidty 20-80% (Non-Condensing)

8. Price and Ordering

Price: Please email or call for latest price
Availability: Within 12 Weeks of placement of order

Equipment Variations

In order to maintain the highest quality of equipment supplied it may be necessary to vary the specifications of the DIBS® Advanced Forensic Workstation from those detailed above. Where variations occur the functionality of the equipment shall be equal to or higher than that specified above.

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