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DIBS® Mobile Forensic
DIBS Mobile Forensic Workstation

  • Full size laptop with Intel Pentium M Centrino 1.7GHz processor
  • 80GB ATA-100 forensic hard drive running Windows XP
  • Forensic software and operating systems fully installed and configured on hard drive
  • DVDRW± dual layer drive
  • ATI Radeon X700 mobility graphics chipset
  • 14.1" CrystalBrite widescreen display
  • USB2 External hard drive enclosure
  • USB 2 Write block hard drive interface
  • Internal USB 5-1 card reader
  • Fax/modem, ethernet controller, Bluetooth, infared & wireless networking
  • Digital camera
  • Color printer with wireless connection
  • 2 x rugged waterproof carrying cases with high impact, lazer cut foam inserts
  • All adaptors, cables and connectors
Software - installed on the
                           hard drive
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Access Data: The Forensic Toolkit and Registry Viewer
  • Cyberlink Power DVD
  • NTI CD-Maker
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Various forensic analysis utility programs

Computer Forensics - DIBS.
Computer Forensics - DIBS.
DIBS® Mobile Forensic Workstation
Advanced Forensic Equipment That's Easy And Intuitive To Use

     1. Description
     2. Recommended Areas of Use
     3. Forensic Soundness
     4. Advantages
     5. Hardware and Software Included
     6. Price and Ordering
     7. Equipment Variations

1. Description

DIBS® Mobile Forensic Workstation is the most advanced computer forensic equipment available and yet it remains easy and intuitive to use. Supplied with a fully configured forensic hard drive with the latest Windows operating system the equipment is ready for immediate use.

Carefully designed by practising computer forensic analysts, DIBS® Mobile Forensic Workstation provides all the tools required for dependable, fast collection and analysis of suspect computer data. And, with this efficiency comes not only portability but also total reliability.

Using the latest technology, DIBS® Mobile Forensic Workstation comes with a full size, state-of-the-art laptop with a hard disk running Windows XP. Computer forensic analysis software is fully installed and configured. Copying and analysis is performed to external hard drives connected via USB 2 interface ensuring high-speed data transfer. One of the external interfaces is hardware write protected to ensure the security of suspect data.

DIBS® Mobile Forensic Workstation can be used for high speed collection of data from most types of hard drive and other media, regardless of operating system. Once copying is complete full analysis can be performed on site and evidence printed.

There is also a digital camera, with Memory Stick® technology for direct communication with the laptop, to record crime scene and equipment details.

2. Recommended Areas of Use
The DIBS® Mobile Forensic Workstation is designed for use in the field It is ideal for circumstances where the suspect material cannot be returned to the laboratory This may be due to legal constraints, confidentiality issues or logistic restrictions.

3. Forensic Soundness
The DIBS® Mobile Forensic Workstation is dedicated forensic equipment that is used solely for the forensic analysis of suspect computer data Since completion of basic design and development, refinements have continued to be made as computer technology and forensic techniques ave advanced The result is a piece of equipment that can be used with mfidence that maximum levels of evidential integrity and security are ing maintained.

he DIBS® Mobile Forensic Workstation is ideal for use under standard perating procedures. The less skilled analyst can quickly learn basic notions, whilst the more technically advanced can customise the unit to it the demands of the complex investigation.

Forensic workstations should be operated and maintained m a secure environment They must be stand-alone units and should never be connected to a network or to the Internet which may compromise evidential integrity.

4. Advantages
  • A complete system supplied with all software fully installed, tested and ready to use
  • Technically advanced but easy, practical and intuitive to use
  • Reliable copying and analysis of any size and most types of media
  • Full training available
  • The most widely used complete systems regarded as the standard'
  • Designed by forensic analysts for forensic analysis
  • Portable, hardweanng and dependable
  • Transportable as check in baggage
  • Ongoing development, support and technical advice
  • DIBS® equipment accepted in court throughout the world

5. Hardware and Software Included

A full size laptop computer with Intel Pentium M Centrino 1.7GHz processor, 1GB PC-4200 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM,80GB forensic hard drive running Windows XP. DVDRW± Dual Layer drive, ATI Radeon X700 mobile graphics chipset, 14.1"widescreen CrystalBrite display,fax/modem, ethernet controller, Bluetooth, infared & wireless networking, 3 x USB2 ports, 1 x x IEEE 1394 (Firewire) port, integrated 5-in-1 memory card reader,built in keyboard and pointing device, 6 cell Lithium Ion battery pack

Windows XP operating system fully installed on the forensic drive. Forensic software fully installed to enable comprehensive analysis of suspect hard drives including analysis of email file contents, viweing of 270 different file formats, full text indexing, extraction of data from compressed files, recovery of passwords from over 50 different encryption applications, viewing and printing of file contents, veiwing og registry details etc.

Interfaces for two external hard drives connected to the analysis unit via USB 2 ports. Used for both copying data and subsequent analysis. One interface hardware write protected to ensure integrity and security of suspect data

DVDRW± Dual Layer drive combo drive for archival of evidence and storage of work in progress

Digital camera for recording crime scene and/or equipment details - Memory Stick® media

Full function color inkjet printer

Supplied coplete with 2 x rugged waterproof carrying cases with high impact, lazer cut foam insert

All adaptors, cables and connectors

6. Price and Ordering

Price: Please call for latest price
Availability: 12 Weeks from placement of order

7. Equipment Variations

In order to maintain the highest quality of the equipment supplied it may be necessary to vary the contents of the DIBS® Mobile Forensic Laboratory from those detailed above. Where variations occur the functionality of the equipment shall be equal to or higher than that specified above.

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