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DIBS® Interceptor

DIBS Interceptor

Complete with Fast Hardware Decryption
Complete with Fast Hardware Decryption
  • Hardware accelerated WPA Decry
    ption using FPGA cards
  • Single FPGA runs 3 times faster than a PC CPU performing dictionary attack
  • can be supplied with up to 10 accelerators in one unit
Includes Wireless Forensic
Includes Wireless Forensic Analyser
  • Coptured and decrypted WiFi traffic can be analysed using Wireless forensic Analyser (WFI)
  • displays emails, attachments, web pages, pictures, chat reconstruction, IP and MAC addresses etc
  • Fully integrated with the main capture unit
                                      DIBS® Interceptor
                                     The New Complete System for Wireless Forensics

With the increasing use of wireless networks it has become essential that investigators are able to capture, store and analyse the contents of airborne communications. This can now be done in a forensically sound manner with DIBS® Interceptor Advanced and DIBS® Interceptor Covert.

Rugged, reliable and easy to use DIBS® Interceptor Advanced captures communications on all channels in both static and mobillocations. It can be used to collect evidence of unlawful activities taking place via wireless LAN, including such areas as terrorist activities, drugs networks, warlord communications, wireless hacking of networks and other criminal activities.

DIBS® Interceptor Covert is used to capture data from an individual suspect source. It can also be used to 'spoof' a network to obtain sufficient data packets to enable decryption of WEP and WAP transmission.

In the military sphere DIBS® Interceptor Advanced is used on the battlefield to capture enemy communications from up to 4 kilometers away.

DIBS® Interceptor Advanced
Features of DIBSŪ Interceptor Advanced
  • WLAN networks scanning and discovering
  • Recording data from all 14 channels simultaneously
  • Filtering of data from selected channels only for specific targets
  • Cracking of WEP/WAP encryption keys
  • Decryption of captured data transmissions
  • Removal of transmission data (decapsulation) to enable raw data to be seen
  • Streaming of data via the Internet to other analysis sources
  • GPS time and position stamping of captured data
  • Analysis data produced in popular PCAP format
  • Supplied in 19” rack that can be vehicle mounted
DIBS® Interceptor Covert
Features of DIBS® Interceptor Covert
  • Targeted scanning of network channels to collect intelligence
  • Capturing data from a selected channel
  • Using MAC addresses to filter data to trace suspect
  • Cracking of WEP encryption keys by injection of 500 transmission packets to the access point (AP) by spoofing the associated client
  • DOS attack to isolate the client from the network
  • Perform a WPA handshake and capture encryption details for the network to enable an offline dictionary attack
  • Ability to plug into FPGA in DIBS® Interceptor Advanced to use accelerator power for faster network cracking

Benefits of the DIBSŪ Interceptor System
  • The system is supplied complete with an advanced specification laptop complete with all necessary operating and analysis software fully installed and configured
  • The unit is not visible in the air when running thus preventing the target from being alerted of the surveillance
  • High quality RF equipment ensures a tested range of up to 4 km
  • Easy to use by officers in the field.
  • Minimal training required thus saving on budgets
  • Linux OS give stability and the unit can store data for weeks, months and years.
  • Forensically sound with features such as GPS to provide location and date stamps in logs and encrypted files
  • Can simultaneously monitor all 14 channels or a single targeted channel
  • Inbuilt filter supports such functions as surveillance of a specific MAC address thus solving mobility issues
  • Produces pcap files that are simple to import into analysis software
  • Can be used in covert operations to identify suspects
Price and Ordering

Price: Please email or call for latest price
Availability: Within 12 Weeks of placement of order

Equipment Variations

In order to maintain the highest quality of equipment supplied it may be necessary to vary the specifications of the DIBS® Advanced Forensic Workstation from those detailed above. Where variations occur the functionality of the equipment shall be equal to or higher than that specified above.

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