DIBS India is leader in computer forensics Equipments, providing forensic tools for analysis of computer evidence, investigation services, Digital Forensics, Computer Workstations DIBS India is Leader in Computer Forensics Equipment, Forensics Analysis Services, Mobile Work Stations, Digital Forensics, Computer Workstations, investigation services
Dibs India: Computer Forensics Computer Forensics Equipments Forensics Analysis Services Computer Forensic Training DIBS India is Leader in Computer Forensics Mobile Work Stations, Digital Forensics, Computer Workstations investigation services Mobile Work Stations, computer crime investigation
DIBS® Mobile Forensic
DIBS Mobile Forensic Workstation
DIBS® Advaneed Forensic Workstation
DIBSAdvaneed Forensic Workstation


DIBS® Interceptor

DIBS Interceptor

Computer Forensic Equipment

DIBS® produces the world's largest, most well-known and respected range of computer forensic hardware and software. Specifically designed to copy, analyze and present computer data in a forensically sound manner. DIBS® equipment has been in use for over 16 years' a decade Evidence gathered using the equipment has been presented in courts around the world on thousands of occasions It has never been rejected.

DIBS® computer forensic equipment is designed to be easy to operate under standard operating conditions It will enable the majonty of computers found in normal investigations to be examined using similar methods on each occasion. It is designed to meet the requirements of the double tier approach (Methodology) and is ideal for use by the forensic analyst. Technical personnel can customise the equipment so that Ihey can perform more advanced functions.

DIBS® Mobile Forensic Workstation
- Comprehensive on-site collection and analysis of suspect computer data

DIBS® Advanced Forensic Workstation
- Laboratory based collection and analysis of suspect computer data

DIBS® Rapid Action Imaging Device (RAID)
- Fast copying of suspect hard drives

DIBS® Mobile Forensic Workstation and DIBS® Advanced Forensic Workstation is supplied with
AccessData's  Forensic Toolkit (Installed and configured)

DIBS® Interceptor
The New Complete System for Wireless Forensics
With the increasing use of wireless networks it has become essential that investigators are able to capture, store and analyse the contents of airborne communications. This can now be done in a forensically sound manner with DIBS® Interceptor Advanced and DIBS® Interceptor Covert.
Rugged, reliable and easy to use DIBS® Interceptor Advanced captures communications on all channels in both static and mobil locations. It can be used to collect evidence of unlawful activities taking place via wireless LAN, including such areas as terrorist activities, drugs networks, warlord communications, wireless hacking of networks and other criminal activities.
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