DIBS India is leader in computer forensics Equipments, providing forensic tools for analysis of computer evidence, investigation services, Digital Forensics, Computer Workstations DIBS India is Leader in Computer Forensics Equipment, Forensics Analysis Services, Mobile Work Stations, Digital Forensics, Computer Workstations, investigation services
Dibs India: Computer Forensics Computer Forensics Equipments Forensics Analysis Services Computer Forensic Training DIBS India is Leader in Computer Forensics Mobile Work Stations, Digital Forensics, Computer Workstations investigation services Mobile Work Stations, computer crime investigation
DIBS® RAID - Rapid Action
Imaging Device
DIBS RAID - Rapid Action Imaging Device

DIBS® Mobile Forensic
DIBS Mobile Forensic Workstation
A complete mobile forensic laboratory for
collection and analysis of suspect data.
Supplied fully configured with advanced

DIBS® Advanced Forensic
DIBS Advanced Forensic workstation
An advanced, but easy to use, forensic
workstation for the analysis of most
media types and compatible with all major
forensic software


DIBS® Interceptor
DIBS Interceptor
DIBS® Interceptor Advanced for full capture, decryption, decapsulation, analysis and displayof wireless communications



In the modern investigation the crucial document is increasingly found only in an intangible form as a series of patterns in microscopic magnetic particles. To turn these patterns into meaningful documents that will be accepted as evidence requires specialist techniques and equipment.

DIBS provide the highest quality of service to solve the problems of computer based evidential material. Suspect data is copied in a forensically sound manner and analysed using advanced techniques under a defined methodology. Results are promptly reported to the client in a clear and concise manner. If necessary statements and court reports are produced and skilled expert witness testimony provided in court.

The services provided by DIBS include:
  • Forensically sound copying of computer media contents
  • Location and recovery of information apparently lost by file deletion, hard disk reformatting and other destructive actions
  • High speed searching of all data areas for suspect data
  • Printing of file contents
  • Production of evidence for presentation in court
  • Preparation of statements and court reports
  • Expert witness testimony.
All work is conducted using forensically sound procedures and equipment.

Client confidentiality is always maintained. If you would like to discuss our past cases or obtain references please contact us.
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